marți, 6 iulie 2010

Changing the location of My Documents in Windows CE

In this post I'll show you how to change the default location of the My Documents folder from the internal RAM to a flash disk location or SD card for your Windows CE device. This is mainly the case because Active Sync uses this folder to synchronize files with the device and initially, My Documents is located into a volatile memory region and all data saved there will be lost after a device reboot. Even worst is the fact that after the reboot, the synchronization process will erase all your files from the desktop PC as well.
So, in order to change the location of My Documents to the flash disk, open the Windows CE registry editor and open the key:
and change the values of Folder and Name to "My Documents" ( without the quotes ).
Then choose to save your registry and reboot your device.
After the reboot, the Flash disk will appear renamed to "My Documents" and you can set-up a synchronized connection with the PC using Active Sync without having to loose the files every time you reboot.

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