joi, 14 aprilie 2011

Subversion: Get the modified files between two revisions

There is a simple command to get the modified files between two revisions in subversion. All you have to know are the two revision numbers and the path to the repository folder:

svn diff -r revision1:revision2 --summarize URL

or if you want to list the files modified between an older revision and the head revision, type:

svn diff -r revison:HEAD -- summarize URL

If you do not type summarize you will also get to the console output all the differences between the two revisions.
Example: I need to see which files have been modified since revision 3880:

svn diff -r 3880:HEAD --sumarize svn://mysvnserver/repository/somefolder
The svn diff command is more complex, so you can get more details here:

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