duminică, 6 noiembrie 2011

Can you see with your tongue?

Can You See With Your Tongue?
Seeing with your tongue may indeed happen to a certain level because of a property of the brain called "plasticity" which is in fact the ability of a brain region to interpret sensors from different sources and adapting itself to them such that for instance it is possible to "see" using our auditory cortex.
This plasticity of the brain may allow humans to enhance their senses in a way that may be a little scary to imagine right now and would be more or less associated to science-fiction. However, this is a road in defining what and who we are and understanding how the sensory, cognitive and emotional interleave.
The more answers we have, the more of this behavior we can replicate in machines. This is a long and open matter of discussion, which I think will represent the challenge of this century. Having thinking machines will mean a great shift in how we see society in the present days and it's hard to grasp at this point.
Meanwhile, noteworthy discoveries in how the brain works are the foundation bricks to an uncertain building.
So, can you see with your tongue?

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